NEW INFORMATION: David Grow Found Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity

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JACKSON (WILX)-- A judge ruled Friday that David Grow is 'Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity'.

Ronald Grow, David's father and husband to the victim, stood strong by his sons side at the trial. Even before it began Ronald was comforting David.

"Throughout this whole thing my son was the first victim," said Ronald.

Ronald blames himself for not seeing the signs of insanity sooner. David Grow was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder when he was four. His father never thought it would lead to murder.

"We were already doing what we could to help him. We didn't get there in time."

At the trial Ronald testified to his sons insanity, saying it wasn't his normal son that he found at the house that night.

"I found him in the bathroom...I said do you realize what you've done. Do you realize that were not going to be a family again...There was something strange in his eyes."

The Center for Forensic Psychiatry reported Grow had a psychotic break. Something happened that had him hallucinating and lacking the capability to appreciate that he was murdering his mother at the time.

"He has regret. He doesn't understand what happened to him to cause this," said Ronald.

Since the murder David Grow has been receiving treatment. He was himself in the courtroom. After being found not guilty, Grow and his father exchanged one last hug before he was brought back to a mental facility.

"He'll look at me through the glass and on the phone say I need a hug dad. I can't give it to him, that's why I asked for it here today."

Ronald left his son with supporting words.

"I told him I love him and I told him that his mother loves him. His mother forgave him before she got to heaven."

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