Cirque Du Soleil at The Breslin Center

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The circus is in town. Well, not just any circus. Cirque du Soleil is at the Breslin Center until Sunday. WILX's Amanda Malkowski went behind the scenes to meet some of the performers and try out a few stunts. The crew spent 15 hours setting up on Wednesday. That's when more than a dozen trailers filled with perfomers and crew arrived. The production is called Varekai.

Straps performers hoist themselves high in the air. Acrobats do moves we've only seen in the olympics, and trapeze artists swing gracefully, all without breaking a sweat. But give these moves a try, and you'll find the average person is not so graceful.

I tried out these tricks with some former spartan basketball players.

"Just to be able to hold positions like this or hold other athletes up in the air, with their shoulders and backs... overall, they've got to be some of the strongest athletes out there, and people just don't get an appreciation for it until you're thrust into it," said Tim Bograkos, Spartan Basketball Player 2001-2005.

"I know it was difficult but just to see the strain on the body... I mean your really have to have everything... no body fat," Lauren Aitch, 2005-2010 Spartan Women's Basketball Player.

It's no wonder most of these performers learned their craft at a very young age.

"To start acrobatics as an adult is very challenging. You're not going to have the flexibility or the body awareness," said Michael Ocampo, Cirque Acrobatics Coach.

After a few tries the performers had us all flying high, with new appreciation for the Cirque stunts.

Cirque du Soleil is in town through Sunday at the Breslin Center.