Credit vs. Debit: Which One Is a Safer Swipe?

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Debit, credit, or just plain cash?

Between all the store data breaches and security flaws like the "Heart-bleed Bug" some financial experts are telling people to stick with credit cards to use just cash to protect themselves.

But Dennis Koons, president at CEO of the Michigan Bankers Association says consumers might already be more secure than they realize.

"It's very important for all your viewers to know that their accounts whether credit card or debit card are protected by their bank from any unauthorized use," he said.

In fact, Koons says the notion that credit cards are a safer bet than debit cards is a common misconception.

"Generally consumers are safe but I would say as the Target example, Neiman Marcus, and others have shown us we're as vulnerable as any point of sale any place that card is used," he said.

"Banks are constantly monitoring people's accounts, spending billions of dollars annually making sure they monitor for unusual habits, suspicious purchases."

Regardless of what you eventually decide to use, there are a few simple things to remember to protect yourself and your money.

"Protect your private information, report any suspicious activities, change your password from time to time, and take a look at your account," Koons said.

If an individual does notice unusual activity on their card or has their pin stolen Koons said it's crucial to contact the bank immediately.

Whether credit or debit, there's usually a $50 liability limit with most banks and in most cases that will only apply if the fraud is reported within just a few business days.

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