Cousin Testifies Against Murder Suspect

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LANSING (WILX)-- The cousin of a murder suspect tells a judge he was taken to see the body of a woman who was shot to death and dumped in the Red Cedar River.

Derrick Martin's cousin, Devin Wilson took the stand and told the courtroom that Martin had shown him a body lying in the river the day Schnee Sin was murdered.

"He said do I want to see her? He said he hurt her. He asked if I wanted to see her, and he said she was still there so I thought it was a joke," said Wilson.

19 year old Derrick Martin appeared in the courtroom for the preliminary hearing sitting idly by while Lansing Police Officer Brian Curtis told details of how he found Sin's body December 8th 2012.

"Later we noticed multiple gun shot wounds to the face and upper torso," said Curtis.

Enough evidence was presented at the preliminary hearing to take the case to trial.

Martin's Attorney Scott Mertens said his client will be pleading not guilty.

"He recognizes and appreciates the seriousness of the charges. He is scared, and he is a young kid. He looks forward to confronting these charges and feels justice will be served in the end," said Mertens.

Mertens says one of his best defenses for Martin is that his cousin and other witnesses brought against him cannot be trusted. Both witness Wilson, and former friend Kyle Oben have changed their stories multiple times for the police.

"I would call it lying. I think both witnesses have given multiple versions of accounts that they believe took place. I believe it was clear in the testimony that they lied. They admitted to lying, they admitted to lying to law enforcement," said Mertens.

Sin's body was found here near Crego Park just an hour after Martin and his cousin supposedly came to the location to look at a body.

What police believe to be the murder weapon has been found, a .22 caliber gun.

No connection between Sin and Martin was made at the preliminary hearing, and no motive has been given.

Prosecutors did not want to comment at this time and investigators aren't revealing if there was a connection or relationship between Martin and Sin.

A trial date has yet to be set.

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