County Clerks Prepare for Possible Lifting of Gay Marriage Ban

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County clerks across the state are bracing for a rush of marriage license applications from gay couples today. A federal judge could strike down the state's ban on same-sex marriage this afternoon. Hundreds of same-sex couples throughout michigan are poised to get married today. That's if Michigan's ban on same sex marriage is overturned. the Ingham County Clerk and others around the state as well as and clergy from the area will be on stand-by. They expect a line out the door here if the judge strikes down that ban. Today's hearing centers around Jayne Rowse and April Deboer, a Michigan couple who filed a lawsuit hoping to adopt one another's children. together, They raise three adopted kids with special needs. US District Judge Bernard Friedman suggested the couple challenge Michigan's gay marriage ban, and today he is expected to decide if the 2004 voter-approved ban is overturned. We talked with local same-sex couples who say they're want the same rights that others couples have. now, even if the judge decides to toss out Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage, He may issue a stay on the ruling. that means that he will give the state the opportunity to appeal the decision, And no one can marry until the appeals process is completed. but if he strikes down the ban and doesn't issue a stay... there could be a very big crowd here today.