Counties, Cities Get Road Money After Tough Winter

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MDOT is cutting checks to municipalities across the state to help get roads everywhere back into shape after a rough winter season.

Lansing will get $516, 438.31 to replenish its road maintenance fund, Jackson $154,509.73, and East Lansing $167, 343.76.

The state legislature's bill that issued the money was signed into law on March 14 by the Governor. MDOT will keep $39.1 for state roads.

$60.9 million will go to counties and cities all across the state. Click on the link above to see how much money your city, county or village will get.

The money is to be used only for winter maintenance costs--meaning salting, plowing and filling potholes. Municipalities are not allowed to use the money for administration, overhead or anything else.

Coming up on WILX News Ten, we'll find out if the money will be enough to do all the work necessary.

Local County Funding:
Clinton County - $389,753.18
Eaton - 493,908.30
Hillsdale - 275,915.60
Ingham - 795,788.27
Ionia - 294,757.37
Jackson - 668,811.45
Lenawee - 446,817.38
Livingston - 792,221.53
Montcalm 351,972.83
Washtenaw - 1,091,502.29

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