Cooler Weather Weakens Local Government Parks and Pools

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Tuesday afternoon, it was sunny and 65 degrees, about 15 degrees cooler than normal for the last week in July.

But the clouds are moving in, and even a little bit of sunshine isn't enough for Jim Jennings.

Tuesday morning, temperatures dropped as low as 44 degrees, and Jennings says this takes a toll on businesses at the East Lansing Aquatic Center, and on the tax payers.

Jennings has to cut down on a staff and sometimes close the center.

East Lansing Aquatic Center is funded by the city. If there aren't enough customers to cover the cost of the center, Jennings has to dip into another fund to keep it afloat.

"If we have a down year, then it's subsidized by the taxpayers of East Lansing," Jennings said.

Hawk Island Park Manager Brian Collins says seeing a stormy forecast keeps people inside, even if the sun does come out for a few hours.

But, he says, the city is prepared for the loss.

"We're a very weather dependent business, some days are a little bit less and as long as you plan for that, you know it all levels out in the end."

The swimmers, and Jennings, will have to wait until after the rain makes its splash.