Contamination Area Clear, Leslie Fire Clean Up Continues

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File cabinets, and toilets are the only items that survived the massive flames from the ISC metal plating factory in Leslie Tuesday night.

Zachary Masternak came running toward his house when he saw the smoke.

"I saw the flames coming up over the trees, and it just scared me," he said.

After his family was forced to leave their home to avoid burning chemicals from the plant, they came back to different damage. The front plates of their house melted overnight because of the flames.

The factory used hazardous and highly flammable materials, making the fire difficult to put out.

The fire burned for nearly eight hours, taking down the entire plating factory. Clean up workers say they're not sure how long it will take to clear out the area.

Ingham county emergency management office says most of the contaminants were contained to the site.

Leslie city manager Brian Reed says the contamination levels are being monitored and are under control.

"We had a plan of action that we had set up a few years back should this situation ever arise," Reed said. "We were prepared for this situation and I think we really mitigated any impacts environmentally."

Zachary Masternak says he feels safe, and can only wait for the damage to his home to be repaired.

Water and air around the area are safe, but emergency management says if anyone has any health concerns to contact a physician immediately.