Consumers Energy Prices to Hit Nine-Year-Low

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Starting in April, Consumers Energy customers will see a 13 percent drop in their utility bills.

"We know this is money people need in terms of their household budget. We know businesses can use this money," said Dan Bishop, spokesperson for Consumers Energy.

Great news for a non-profit that's been spending $4,000 a month on gas.

"I'm ecstatic about it," said Cristo Rey Executive Director John Castillo.

Castillo plans to funnel any savings into its senior program and its health clinic. It provides medical services to people on medicare or medicaid or who don't have insurance.

"It costs a lot but we don't get what it actually costs to see a client, so any bit of money we save, we put into the clinic," said Castillo.

The reduction comes on top of savings customers saw because of the mild winter.

"Mother nature gave us about a $94 dollar. Consumers Energy is taking additional action today to agressively lower gas prices going forward," said Bishop.

It's something the utility can do thanks to changes in the market.

"There's been a true revolution in the American energy supply market where a huge amount of natural gas has been discovered. This is based upon techniques that have been in play for some time, but these new drilling techniques which are safe and are reliable are producing more gas really than the country can store," said Bishop.

For Cristo Rey, every penny counts.

"Because of the economy, and all the unemployment, there's a lot of people that need service who have never needed service before," said Castillo.

We also talked with Dexter Stamping Company, an auto parts manufacturer out of Jackson. The company anticipates $5,000 in savings a year because of the lower rate. It says saving that money will help keep people employed.

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