UPDATED: Consumers Energy to Check Delta & Windsor Twp Homes & Business for Gas Leaks

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DELTA TOWNSHIP - If you live or work in Delta Township or parts of Windsor Township and see a Consumers Energy worker walking around your house or business Friday, don't be surprised. Consumers Energy will be examining natural gas connections at 7,300 buildings, both residential and commercial, starting Friday and running through the weekend. The area they will be evaluating is bordered by Lansing Road on the south, Waverly Road on the east, Willow Highway on the north and Canal Road on the west. They will also be checking in the Village of Dimondale.

This action comes after Wednesday afternoon's evacuation of the Lansing Mall due to a strong odor of natural gas along Saginaw Street between Canal Road and Elmwood Road. The gas was not leaking from the mall and no gas was detected in the mall. Natural gas had vented from two regulator stations that were designed to vent gas when there is too much pressure in the pipes.

Wind blew the gas across several square miles of Delta Township. Consumers Energy spokesperson Terry DeDoes says this sort of inspection after an over-pressurization is standard procedure. It will involve several crews going building-to-building checking the integrity of gas line connections. Crews will not need to enter buildings unless the exterior evaluation indicates that gas may be present.

They say there is no immediate danger. Consumers Energy does advise that if you ever smell gas in your home or business you should evacuate and Consumers Energy at 1-800-477-5050 or 9-1-1.

Wednesday's over-pressurization was caused by build-up of sediment in the system. The high volume of gas used recently, caused by prolonged cold temperatures, stirred sediment in the pipes. The sediment created a blockage, which resulted in the high pressure.

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