Consumer Report: Popcorn for the Super Bowl

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Many football fans feel strongly about their roster of snacks for Super Bowl Sunday. A Consumer Reports survey found that popcorn is a top pick for many watching the big game.

Consumer Reports says there’s good reason to love popcorn. It can really satisfy your need to crunch. And because it’s whole grain, it could be really healthy. Now how about taste?

The top-rated cheese popcorn is the White Cheddar, from Trader Joe’s. It tastes excellent, with a nice mix of real cheddar and toasty corn flavors.

If you’re looking for sweet instead of savory, two kettle corns also rated excellent.

Smartfood has a great balance of sweetness and salt, and the Nice kettle corn from Walgreens tasted a little saltier. But be aware, added flavor can also mean added fat and calories.

Consumer Reports also looked at two microwaved, butter-flavored popcorns: Orville Redenbacher Movie Theater Butter Pop Up Bowl and Pop Secret Home-Style. Both actually tasted a notch below the best bagged-popcorns.

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