Construction Closes Impression 5, But Only Temporarily

Impression 5 Science Center
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The Impression 5 Science Center has looked the same on the outside since the 1980s. But, starting Monday, September 1st, the building is getting a facelift.

The museum is re-doing the first floor to make it a part of the center

Operations Supervisor, Marcel Jackson, explained, "The guest services desk is going to be right in this area right here. So, when you come in you run into somebody and then when we have our other entrance right here you're gonna run into, too."

The first floor was previously rented out to non-profit organizations for various events. But, the center has decided to hold onto those 15,000 square feet of space.

"Now we have the open space and we're taking advantage of it, and we're looking to just expand the science center and offer more things to our guests and enhance the guests experience," Jackson said.

They'll do that by moving the entrances downstairs to make room for new exhibits and upgrades to old ones.

The new entrances will take three weeks to complete, so the center will be closed through September 22nd.

And, guests said they're excited for what's to come.

"Should be a great time for Lansing and a good opportunity for our community to continue to develop and build and find ways to get our children interactive with science and everything else like that," said Hugh Potter of East Lansing.

Impression 5 promises the closure is only temporary.

"This is a break, but not really. We're kind of just taking a step back, doing a lot of cleaning inside the building and then we're gonna be right back into it," Jackson explained.

These three weeks are part of a two-year project.

Jackson said it's funded by organizations like the Dart Foundation and Delta Dental.

The new entrances should be open on September 23rd.

There will still be some renovations going on, but Impression 5 said it won't have much of an effect on guests.