Congressman Mike Rogers Hits Campaign Trail for Mike Bishop

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Republican Congressman Mike Rogers is touring the state with the man he's endorsed to replace him in Washington. Mike Bishop spent more than 10 years in Lansing, rising up the ranks to Senate Majority Leader. Rogers says he did not hand-pick Bishop to run for his seat, which he vacates in January. "I know he was interested before. We've had conversations before. When he expressed his interest, I saw that that was somebody I could get behind."

Bishop lives in Rochester, Michigan and is currently the chief legal officer for International Bancard Corporation. Congressman Rogers says Bishop's experience in the private sector can help make a difference in Washington.

If he's elected, Bishop says he'll push for less government, which he says is working for Michigan. Bishop said, "This new regime that's come in under Governor Snyder and the leadership has turned things around dramatically. It's not a coincidence because they have reduced the size of government, they have pulled the regulations back, they've allowed the backbone of the economy which is small business to exist and to grow and prosper."

Bishop says his top concern is the economy. He also wants to get rid of the nation's health care law, known as Obamacare. "My support would be to delete Obamacare entirely."

Congressman Rogers is leaving office next year to pursue a career as a nationally syndicated radio host. He says his show will allow him to talk with millions of people on a daily basis. He stopped short of saying he may tap into that national audience, for a Presidential run. "It worked pretty well for Ronald Reagan after his governorship he went into radio for I think four years."

Bishop faces Republican State Representative Tom McMillan in the primary election. Democratic candidates are Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing, former State Demographer Ken Darga, CMU Associate Professor Susan Grettenberger, and Lawyer Jeffrey Hank.