Conditions Slowly Improving for Students in Chandler Crossings Apartments

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Move-in day last week for several dozen students at Chandler Crossings in East Lansing turned into a debacle.

Students and parents said they were promised clean and renovated apartments but instead many found just the opposite.

Many of the units were unfinished and some were downright dirty with management blaming it on renovations which fell behind schedule after the complex had just two weeks to renovate and clean roughly 800 units.

One week later, resident Sarah Israel said things are improving.

The new flooring and repainted walls in her apartment are a welcome sight for Israel and her two roommates who said they were finally able to start settling in.

"We finally fully moved in yesterday (Wednesday)," she said. "Everything was finished and now we are good to go."

But not before they spent their first night in an area hotel followed by several more days of crews in and out of their apartment as they scrambled to get things finished.

"Even though it was done it was such an inconvenience and it was such a problem that even when they're trying to fix things it's still not in the right manner," she said.

And while many of the students who were displaced last week have had their issues addressed, there were still a handful who hadn't been as lucky.

Alexandra Schulte said her continued requests for maintenance have received slow responses from management and the worst is still yet to come.

"We're not going to have a kitchen or one of our bathrooms for a week and that's their only option for us," she said.

Schulte shares an apartment with three other roommates and said their entire kitchen and one of the bathrooms has to be ripped out and replaced after they found mold growing under the sinks.

"We paid for two bathrooms and four bedrooms and we've had one bathroom and half of a kitchen since we moved in," she said. "That's not what I signed up for."

The renovations are scheduled for next week, according to Schulte, but in the meantime she hopes management will work out a way to at least partially reimburse her and her roommates.

"There's been no talk of compensation for anything or how they're going to make it right," she said. "They've been pretty much avoiding the topic."

A representative for the complex wasn't available to comment Thursday night.

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