Concord Teen Charged with Murdering Mom

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Update -- Court documents show, on January 18th, one month before David Grow allegedly killed his mother, he was admitted to Allegiance Health. Records show he was diagnosed with acute psychosis and was hallucinating.

A petition was filed to keep him in the hospital, but at a court hearing on January 25th, Grow’s attorney at the time applied for the petition to be denied and the judge agreed.

"There needed to be an act, or acts or significant threats which substantially supported a reasonable expectation of serious physical harm. That's a threshold criteria that's rather high that the legislature gave us to work with the mental health code," said Grow’s attorney Chris Hurlburt.

In other words, Hurbult is saying what's presented on the first petition to keep a patient in the hospital did not meet the criteria set by law. However, on the same day the judge ordered for Grow to stay in the hospital. That gave time for Grow’s father to file another petition.

"When I went up to the hospital to see David again on the 28th, he had been discharged," Hurlburt said.

Court documents show that Grow was discharged by Allegiance Health on January 28th. That means the scheduled January 30th hearing date to potentially approve his continued hospitalization never happened.

David Grow's mother was found dead on Wednesday night at the family's home on Center Street in the Village of Concord. Neighbors say their street was blocked off and lined with police cars.

"At about 8:10 p.m. when I pulled in I had a gentleman tell me that I had to stay in my home," said Jessica Sayre who lives a few houses away.

David Grow was taken into custody and charged with murder. On Thursday, he appeared in a Jackson County Courtroom for his arraignment. During that time, he was in handcuffs and said few words, often nodding to answer the judge's questions.

"The scene that law enforcement came upon was horrendous and clearly indicative of some type of mental illness that the defendant suffers from. In fact, he has been recently involuntarily committed to the hospital for his mental illness," said Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer Walker.

The judge authorized a psychiatric exam for Grow and ordered that he be held without bond.

Meanwhile, neighbors wouldn't say much about the the Grow family. Some were visibly emotional and others were still shocked.

"It's going to take some time to get used to the fact that something like that can happen here," said Sayre.

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