Concord Teen Accused of Murdering Mom Won't Stand Trial

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David Grow was back in court on Thursday and sat through the hearing with a blank stare. The judge ruled he is not competent to stand trial citing a doctor's report from the Center for Forensic Psychiatry. Medical evaluations show Grow has trouble answering questions and displays only basic awareness of the fact that he's been charged with the murder of his mother.

"I've attempted to have communication with him but he doesn't even understand he's going back to the hospital that he was in on Monday," said Andrew Kirkpatrick, lawyer for David Grow.

Kirkpatrick asked the court to send the teen back to the hospital as soon as possible, saying county jail is no place for treatment

"Based on my conversation with him, he doesn't understand anything that's going on."

During the hearing on Thursday, the judge went on to say that the medical report shows Grow doesn't understand court procedures to assist his own defense, nor was he capable of grasping more basic interpersonal interactions.

"Where it goes from here is really going to be a matter of how this particular individual does in treatment," said Jackson County Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka.

Grow will be kept in custody at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry for up to 15 months to receive mental health treatment that will help him regain competency. Doctors at the center say it's probable that with structured, in-patient care, Grow will be competent within the 15 months timeline.

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