Community on Edge because of I-96 Shooter

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Police report that three out of the 24 shootings happened on I-96, while the rest happened on trunk lines and local streets.

People living in the communities surrounding those incidents are also keeping up their guard. In Webberville, many people are on edge. Some say they've changed their daily routines, while others say they have not.

"I'm always thinking about my kids' safety. I can't change our lives, but I pay more attention. Just worried about them always, some weird person's not going to change what I do, I'm always watching out for them," said Webberville resident Matt Johnson.

"It's really scary because he doesn't even know who he's shooting you know. I don't know, if he keeps shooting people and not getting caught, that's a problem," said Webberville resident Kayla Newcomb.

Police say they've taken in more than 2000 tips so far and they will continue working to catch the suspect.

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