College Board Making Changes to SAT Test

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Big changes for the SAT- the test that's key to the higher education dreams for millions of high school students is getting it's first overhaul in 9 years. The new test will be available in both paper and digital forms, and the content is changing, too. Students will refer to more real world examples and documents during the test, which some have said is out of touch. The new format will return to a score scale of 1600, by making the essay portion optional. The long-standing penalty for wrong answers will also be removed, making it beneficial for students to make educated guesses on questions they're not sure about. Calculator use will be limited, and obscure vocabulary words will be removed from the test. The old reading section will now be called "evidence-based reading and writing." Last year, more students took the ACT, another college entrance exam, than the SAT, which may have also encouraged the College Board to decide to make changes. The new test will make it's debut in 2016.