Cold Weekend, but Spring is Approaching

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Spring officially starts this week on Thursday, and so far the forecast is on track for some seasonably normal temperatures, but we have to get through a cold weekend first. Wednesday is the final day of winter and it ends with some wintry conditions. Here's the forecast...

Saturday night: Mostly cloudy evening, but clearing up later. That's when temperatures really drop. Lows will be in the single digits.

Sunday: A persistent north wind ushers in more cold air. Highs will only be around 20, but skies will be mostly sunny under high pressure.

Sunday night: Continued clearness and even colder air with lows near 0 degrees.

Monday: A south wind creates the start of a warming trend, but highs will still only be in the upper 20s. Skies will again be mostly sunny.

Tuesday: Back into the low 40s, which are seasonably normal temps for mid-March, and mostly cloudy.

Wednesday: We break our little dry spell and see rain likely in the morning and much of the day, but it will likely turn to snow at night. Highs will be in the mid 40s and lows only in the upper 20s, and then Thursday's highs should also be around 40, so accumulations will likely be minimal.

High temperatures will likely be around 40 or warmer for most of the extended forecast so we can expect a lot of melting snow in the near future once we finish our cold weekend. This could bring about some minor flooding when highs get into the mid 40s. In 2012 at this exact time in March, we were experiencing record-breaking heat in the 70s to usher in spring. 2014 isn't so lucky, but the warmth is coming.

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