Cold Weather Experiments

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This arctic blast is pretty rare. In fact, we haven't had weather this cold in Mid-Michigan in more than five years. So we decided to have some fun with it. The producer decided it was just too cold for Amanda to be outdoors for live shots, but she did venture out for a few moments to conduct some experiments to show just how cold it is. These experiments can only be done when its below zero. Here's a look now at what today's extreme cold in mid-Michigan can do.

The temperature was 9 below and the wind chill was negative 31 degrees. We walked out armed with our cold weather experiment essentials. A cup of boiling water thrown into the air evaporates in seconds. A bottle of soda turns quickly to a slushie. And after a few minutes the a wet shirt becomes as hard as a rock. Governor Snyder released a statement about the deep freeze, urging Michigan drivers who think they're going slow, to go even slower, and residents to stay inside, saying this isn't a day for kids to go outside and build snowmen.