Coalition Meets to Plan for Neighborhood's Future

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As part of a newly created coalition, neighbors are working together with commercial developers in Lansing's Butler Corridor to create a community they say they can all be happy living and working in.

"Our neighborhood has been dis-invested in since the 1960s," said Jessica Yorko, Lansing City Council Member.

"I see this event as an opportunity to continue to achieve that struggle, that journey that we all want to achieve."

The Butler Corridor which runs between Ottawa and Saginaw St. is located in the heart of the Genesee neighborhood in Lansing.

Members of the coalition said they hope to achieve improvements in infrastructure and transportation. Beautification and volunteer opportunities are also high on the list.

"The follow up will actually be to create some concrete action steps for how to implement and for how we communicate and work on this new relationship with new property owners," Yorko said.

Gretchen Cochran, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than two decades said the coalition began after commercial developers approached residents asking for input on how to further develop the corridor.

"Because the commercial interests are listening to us it's helping us to start to think about really what is important," Cochran said.

Both the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and Zero Day, a non-profit group, have expressed interest and intent to develop in the neighborhood.

'It's an unusual opportunity for the neighbors to be considered equal partners in commercial development," Cochran said. "That is so rare."

No definite plans have been set yet as to when some of the ideas from the meeting would be able to be implemented.

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