Clinic to Offer Free Cervical Cancer Screenings

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It affects nearly 12,000 women each year.

Cervical cancer has no symptoms in its earlier stages, which is why one East Lansing clinic is making it their priority to encourage women to be pro-active about their health and screenings.

One visit, one screening, once a year is what doctors at the Alliance Obstetrics Gynecology clinic say is crucial in preventing unnecessary deaths from cervical cancer.

"It's curable if it's detected early enough," said Liz Price, PhD nurse practitioner at the clinic.

Price says all it takes is one visit to possibly save a life.

Following the downturn in the economy the clinic began offering free pap smears last year to uninsured women in the Lansing area.

"So many women lost healthcare insurance and then of course couldn't have their annual screening," Price said.

"We know that cervical cancer is most prevalent in women who haven't had a pap smear in the last five years."

During last year's screening the clinic saw more than 100 women, 16 of whom had screenings with abnormal results and a handful of those women were required to take further tests for treatment.

This year, along with the pap smear screenings, the clinic will also provide HPV testing because Price says the human papillomavirus is one of the leading causes of cervical cancer in women over the age of 30.

Beyond the free screenings, Price said the clinic also wants to offer a more comfortable experience for women for what can often times be an invasive and uncomfortable check-up.

"Last year one of the women said to me 'I've never felt so like I was accepted,'" Price said. she said.

"She said it wasn't like going to a clinic and taking a number and waiting."

The free screenings are Saturday Oct. 19 from 9am through noon at the Alliance Ob/Gyn clinic in East Lansing.

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