City Center II Developer Prepares for Building Demolition

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The pre-development agreement on the proposed City Center II project in East Lansing has been approved. While the old buildings still stand, some residents say they're waiting to see something new.

"I would like this building to be reflective of a thriving community which means it has a warm and inviting exterior," said Neelam Kher, a East Lansing resident.

This week, a fence was put up around one of the structures that's supposed to be part of City Center II. The developer is preparing for demolition work, but it doesn't mean the East Lansing City Council has given the new construction a green light.

"The site plan would've expired today and in order to continue the site plan, the developer had to begin work on this project and in this case work would be starting demolition," said East Lansing City Manager George Lahanas.

In other words, it's to buy time as city council reviews details of the project before deciding to go ahead. The final decision is expected to come within the next 90 days.

"Inside staff and outside consultants will be reviewing all the financials and basically all the underpinnings of the project and then reporting back to city council so they can make a final determination," said Lahanas.

Once the determination is made, the city will either part ways with the developer or move forward with the development agreement.

For some residents, getting rid of the old buildings is already a step in the right direction.

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