City of Lansing Receives $1.5M Grant To Help With Financial Needs

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LANSING (WILX)--If you're one of the thousands of people around Lansing having money problems the city has your back.

Lansing is one of five cities to share in a multi-million dollar grant that will help people get back on their feet

The money will be used to create programs on how to avoid foreclosure and eliminate debt, among other things. It's about giving people the right tools to get on the path to financial freedom.

The grant is for people like George Moellendick, who have fallen on hard times financially and need that guidance telling them how to overcome it.

"I try to get a leg over and I keep slipping on the net. That's what a lot of people here are experiencing," said Moellendick.

Director of Lansing's Human Relations Department Dr. Joan Jackson-Johnson says what the local government has now isn't working, but this new grant gives her hope.

"We just placed a mother with five kids into a home and this is going to be this young ladies first chance to move ahead," said Jackson-Johnson.

The 1.5 million dollars will be split into three years. They money wont be going to the people themselves, but to the one on one services the new financial empowerment center will provide.

"It will give them the tools to avoid foreclosure, increase savings, reduce debt, and work out anything with their creditors," explained Chief of Staff for the Mayors Office Randy Hannan.

In the city of Lansing 25% of the people are living at or below the poverty level. It's that quarter of the population that the grant hopes to help.

"We believe the grant will reach 4 thousand of those people," said Hannan.

The center should open the beginning of March and when it does there will be multiple stations around the city to provide easy access to those who need it..

"I'm excited. it gives hope to the hopeless and a vision out of a hopeless situation for many," said Jackson-Johnson.

If you or someone you know could benefit from this program contact the Mayor's Office or Lansing's Human Relations Department.

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