City of Lansing Clearing Snow From Drains

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Road crews are out plowing and salting this hour, cleaning up from yet another round of winter weather, but road conditions aren't the only concern. As the snow tapers off, we're looking ahead to slightly warmer temperatures. And that means some of this snow will be melting. That's why city road crews are trying to clear our latest blanket of snow from drains. The Ingham County Drain Commission is also on call, as they will be the rest of the week. The drain commissioner says they're prepared to address flooding issues any time, day or night. They have their crews on standby. But it's not just roads that are at risk here. Homes are, as well. The rain we're expecting later this week will cause the snow already on roofs to become heavier, putting them at risk. Home owners, especially those in low lying areas, are urged to prepare. The City of Lansing is asking for your help. If you see a drain that's covered in snow, and you have a shovel on hand, clear if off if you can.