City Worker Accidentally Damages Cemetery Landmark

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The city of Lansing says one of it's workers accidentally damaged the archway to Mount Hope Cemetery.

There's a gaping hole under the "H" in Mount Hope Cemetery's entrance sign. Lansing City Parks officials say the landmark took a beating from a backhoe, while a city employee hauled it into the cemetery to make repairs on the road.

Loretta Stanaway, a member of Friends of Lansing's Historic Cemeteries says the city is good about taking care of the property. "I think that somebody was a little bit reckless, and wasn't quite paying as much of attention as they should have been."

Stanaway spends a lot of time in cemeteries. She runs a business that cares for grave sites for families and foundations. One of those foundations is currently sprucing up it's memorial garden by adding a brand new gazebo and cement walkway.

The progress has cement mixers and dump trucks driving in and out of the cemetery. Some of the vehicles are too large to make it under the 10 foot 8 inch archway, and are forced to enter through a gated entrance off Aurelius Road.

The damaged archway is not the original. Stanaway says it's a fiberglass replica. "It certainly could have been worse but it is something that will obviously have to be repaired. It will take specialists with fiberglass repair in order to affect the restoration of it."