City To Reopen Mt. Hope Bridge Friday Afternoon

A bridge in Lansing that's been closed for most of the summer is set to reopen Friday.

The city plans on reopening Mt. Hope Avenue bridge, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Aurelius Road will be open to vehicular and bicycle traffic around 12pm Friday.

The bridge has been closed since early June for rehabilitation. The project consisted of removing and replacing the concrete deck and performing steel repairs. As part of the project, the bridge was brought up to current safety standards.

The project also added bike lanes between Aurelius Road and Lindbergh Drive and also added sidewalk on the north side of Mt. Hope between Lindbergh Drive and the River Trail, located just east of the bridge.

The total cost of the bridge rehabilitation was approximately $900,000 and was eligible for State of Michigan funding for approximately 90 percent of the total cost. Chad Gamble, Public Service Director/COO says, “This bridge and sidewalk will be enjoyed for generations to come and it is a valuable addition to our City’s infrastructure. This bridge is another example of the City's commitment to Complete Streets in working to provide safe travel for motorists, cyclists
and pedestrians.”

Director Gamble noted with respect to pedestrian traffic that the sidewalk between the bridge and the River Trail will not be complete until September 6, 2013.

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