Code Compliance Office Inundated with 'Growing' Issue

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It's a 'growing' issue in Lansing that has the city working overtime to fix it.

Just since May, the city's code compliance office has sent out more than 3,700 letters to property owners regarding overgrown lawn issues, according to Bob Johnson, director of planning and neighborhood development.

"Know that we take it very seriously and we're going to get to those," Johnson said. "We've had crews working on Saturday and Sunday this week because of the conditions that are out there."

Gordon Cupp knows about the problem all too well. He lives across the street from a home on Keurbitz Street in North Lansing that's been empty for years and he said the neighborhood deals with the overgrown lawn every summer.

"It's disgusting, everybody keeps up their yard and I'm sure they all feel the same way as I do," Cupp said. "I wish something could be done about it."

Cupp said the city had been out to the property about two weeks ago and that it was going to be taken care of within the week. But Cupp and the rest of his neighbors are still waiting.

Lansing's Code Compliance office said this is usually their busiest time of the year for dealing with these types of violations.

Johnson said the city doesn't send out letters until the grass is at least eight inches tall. He said they've been able to address about 300 of those 3,700 violations so far.

"We appreciate folks just being patient because it's tough," he said. "We know that our neighborhoods and our communities care and we care."

The city has an online complaint form residents can fill out. Forms can be sent in anonymously.

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