City Council OKs Waverly Golf Course Sale

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A unanimous vote with endless possibilities.

On Monday, the Lansing City Council voted to market for sale a massive piece of city-owned land containing the former Waverly Golf Course and Michigan Avenue Park. An important step in what Mayor Virg Bernero says is necessary for the city.

"We've recognized that things are different," said Mayor Bernero. "We're downsizing, we've downsized our employees and in the same way, we have to downsize the amount of property that we own."

In turn, selling the property could bring some much-needed money into Lansing.

"Now is the time to really put up the 'for sale' sign and invite the private sector and say, 'hey, what would you like to see here?," said the Mayor. "'What would you pay to put here?'"

Mayor Bernero says there currently aren't any bids on the property, but he has received some calls from people who are interested. Since the land technically sits in Lansing Township, Councilman Brian Jeffries says the township must be included in any development decisions for the property.

"It may require some additional change in zoning that would require the township to step forward," said Jeffries.

Jeffries agrees there are plenty of possibilities for the land. He also knows what doesn't want to see put there.

"My preference is not to see another strip mall there," said Jeffries. "We have enough strip malls along Saginaw."

The Mayor says he's looking for anything that will help the region.

"What I want to see is development and jobs," said Mayor Bernero.

The land, in question, has yet to be appraised, so there is currently no number value on it.

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