Cinderella's Closet Prom Dress Giveaway a Success

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HASLETT (WILX)-- More than one hundred girls said yes to the dress Sunday morning at the annual Cinderella's Closet event in Haslett. The event is just in time for prom season, giving girls a dress of their dreams when their families might not be able to afford one.

For high school girls one of the biggest nights of their lives is prom.

"Honestly prom is your 1st wedding. It's something you look forward to as a little girl," said East Lansing High School student Jasmine Ford.

Being given a dress for free when otherwise they might not have been able to afford one means so much to these girls and their families.

"I'm thankful, grateful, and blessed that we have something like this," said Bath High School student Maeghan Larue.

Before the doors opened more than 50 girls from all around the area were already lining up in hopes of finding their perfect dress.

"We got here at six a.m. and sat outside for three hours," said Grandmother Judy Nixon.

This event wouldn't be possible without the community. More than 400 dresses were donated this year.

"We've had many many donations. The community has really stepped forward to make this a great event," said event coordinator Rachael Lindemann.

In the end it's all about making these girls feel special for their big day.

"When I put on the dress I feel like a princess," said Ford.

"I feel really really pretty and different about myself," said Larue.

The event happens every year so if you have a daughter that is going to prom this year, or a dress that is taking up space in your house, keep it in mind to possibly donate next year.

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