Churches Pray For Prosperous, Peaceful 2014

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They came for inspiration. They read, prayed, sang, and meditated. Dozens of people at two very different churches, sharing one wish.

"If we don't have some more equality between the rich and the poor we can't have peace," said Dave Borzenski, a Deacon at St. Therese.

The faithful across Mid-Michigan are hoping 2014 is better than last year.

"I thought it was a good way to begin the year," said Terry Link, and Agnostic. "I mean there's football games and there's other things people are interested in, but I would say in my life that peace is more important, and so a renewed commitment to that for the year, in ways that I can be useful."

"We bring people together," said Deacon Borzenski. "We are not afraid of facing the poor, that we are not afraid of entering into a relationship with other people that aren't like us."

Borzenski says we can learn from each other,

Across town, there were similar payers but a different style.

"Let all people in the world be happy. Let all beings be healthy. Let all being be prosperous," said Dr. Ca Reddy, of the Bharatiya Temple.

Two languages, two churches, but one message.

May 2014 be peaceful and prosperous for all.

This is the 15th year the Bharatiya Temple has held its New Year Day prayer for peace. Similar hindu prayers of peace were offered around the world.

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