Chevy Camaro to be Built in Lansing

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UAW leaders stood proud at the North American International Auto Show as the ATS took away the car of the year title. Now, they're looking forward to bringing more work to the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant.

"We can hardly wait to build that and once again prove that the American muscle car is coming home," said President of UAW Local 652 Mike Green.

The next generation Chevy Camaro will move out of the Oshawa Flex Plant in Ontario to Lansing Grand River. Plant management can't say for sure yet if that'll create more jobs.

"Having more models that are popular as is the Camaro, along with the CTS and ATS should help the job security in the region," said Lansing Regional Plant Manager Tony Francavilla.

However, job security is exactly what the Canadian Auto Workers Union is worried about. They released a statement saying they're angry and frustrated with the announcement and they're calling on GM to replace production on a one-to-one basis ensuring no jobs are lost.

According to CAW, the move will happen sometime between late 2015 and early 2016, though neither the Lansing Grand River Plant management nor UAW provided a timeline. They only said that the arrival of the Camaro will bring positive changes to the area.

"Whenever they're ready to pass on the baton to us in the next generation we're ready to take on that challenge to make that also a candidate for the Car of the Year award," said Francavilla.

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