Chemical Spill in Adrian; Crews Responding

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Adrian Fire Department is on the scene of a chemical release at 1336 E. Maumee in the City of Adrian. A barrel containing 30-35 gallons of nitric acid is off-gassing after reacting with a small amount of sodium hydroxide. The temperature of the reaction is continuing to fall, which is a sign that the immediate threat is coming to an end.
At this time, the problem is an on-site issue, with no immediate threat to the public.

Lenawee County Emergency Management and the Lenawee County hazardous Materials Team are on the scene, and a clean-up crew is en route to clean up the area once off-gassing has ceased.
Adrian Fire Captain Nick Moorehead requests that the shelter in place order stay in effect, and that the roads remain closed at this time. He estimates that the order and road closures may be lifted by 1:00 pm today.
Further information will be disseminated as it becomes available.

Residents and others in an area 1/10th of a mile from the intersection of Maumee and Gulf are advised to shelter in place until further notice.
Media Contact: Dep. Chief Laurence R. Van Alstine, III Adrian Police Department 517-264-4898