Chase leads to 9 Felonies: Drugs & Firearms Charges

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LANSING - A man is facing 9 felonies and 2 misdemeanors after fleeing from police officers in Lansing Wednesday night. Jamie Raul Lugo, Jr. is charged with 3 drug crimes, 4 firearms crimes, 3 counts of resisting arrest, and a traffic crime.

Lansing police say they were on patrol in the Area of Washington Avenue and Lowcroft Avenue just before 9 o'clock Wednesday night when they saw a vehicle in violation of a civil infraction. The officers attempted to stop the car, but the car kept on driving. After a pursuit, the car eventually stopped in the 4900 block of Burchfield Road. The driver ran from the stopped car, but police caught Lugo in a residence's back yard.

Lansing police say that Lugo was in possession of narcotics and had a a stolen hand gun. Lugo is a 28-year-old Lansing resident. He was arraigned Thursday, and is scheduled to be back in court for a preliminary examination on December 12th.

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