Charlotte Woman Collects Underwear for Area Shelters

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Janet Merryfield is on a mission... to collect one of the most needed but least donated items for homeless shelters in mid-michigan.

"Any kind of undies... we call it boxers and bloomers," said Janet Merryfield, Receptionist at Berry Eaton Distict Heath Dept.

Merryfield has already collected almost 800 pairs of underwear and is looking to donate 2000 pairs of underwear by the end of the year. The big project started after merryfield conducted a traditional food drive.

"When we delivered the food to Helping Hands, the food bank here in town, they were very appreciative, which was great. And I had mentioned that we will probably do it again the following year. And she just asked me, 'Do you know anyone who would be willing to do an underwear drive? We're very much in need of underwear.' And I raised my hand and said, 'Yeah, we'll do that too," said Merryfield.

Merryfield started sending out e-mails and making calls, and soon she had boxes filled with underwear. She sends the donations to a different shelter each month. next month. The collection will go to Siren Eaton Shelter, which serves victims of domestic violence, who often have to flee their homes quickly.

"We give them a list of things that they need, which includes documentation and things about real estate, leases. And so they work very hard at collecting all of those items they need and frequently forget to bring their underwear with them," said Kelly Grandchamp, the Transitional Housing Program Coordinator SIREN.

Merryfield has made sure that her colleagues, friends and families members haven't forgotten to donate. Now, she's callng on the public to pick up a packs of what shelters really need- underwear.

"There are a few giggles and some blushes, but that's fine too. We have a good sense of humor. You have to have a good sense of humor," said Grandchamp.

Merryfield will be collecting underwear until the end of the year, men's and women's, all different sizes, and underwear for kids too. If you would like to help, you can leave donations at the Berry Eaton District Health Department in Charlotte.