Update: Charges Expected Following East Lansing Fires

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UPDATE: "If anyone involved in setting a fire on Friday night would like to come forward prior to ELPD's reports being reviewed by the East Lansing City Attorney's office Wednesday, they can contact Det. Candace Ivey at (517) 319-6851 or Det. Dan Brown at (517) 319-6814."

EAST LANSING - Police will be seeking criminal charges against those who set fires to furniture after Friday night's NCAA basketball game. East Lansing police say they have identified 4 suspects and will present their evidence to the city attorney's office Wednesday for review. They say the East Lansing Fire Department responded to 12 fires that were intentionally set after the MSU vs Duke game Friday night. Most of the furniture fires were started in the roadway. “Charges in cases like this will result in a criminal conviction. People need to understand they are jeopardizing their careers by engaging in this type of behavior,” said East Lansing City Attorney Tom Yeadon in a written statement to the media.
If anyone has information about these fires, please contact ELPD at 1-877-ELPD-TIP.

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