Charges Dismissed Against Driver Who Seriously Injured a State Trooper

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An Ingham County judge has dismissed charges against the Ohio man accused of seriously injuring a Michigan state trooper in a September, 2011 accident.

Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina ruled that there was not enough evidence to continue the trial for Mark Kollar. The trial began Monday.

The Eastlake, Ohio man was at the wheel of a car that struck Trooper Drew Spencer on east Interstate 96 near Webberville. Spencer suffered serious head and back injuries and was hospitalized for three weeks.

Lt.. Kyle Bowman, assistant post commander for the Michigan State Police Lansing Post, where Trooper Spencer is stationed, says the troopers there are shocked by the decision, but are waiting to meet with members of the prosecutor's office to learn more about what happened in court.

Investigators had said eyewitnesses told them Kollar appeared distracted in his car and was driving erratically. His car hit Spencer's parked patrol car which spun into Spencer as he was walking to it from a traffic stop.

Kollar's attorney argued that it was nothing more than a tragic accident, caused when Kollar attempted to avoid a car that had suddenly braked in front of him.

Kollar had faced a felony charge of failing to use due care when passing a stationary emergency vehicle causing injury to emergency personnel. He was also charged with a moving violation causing serious impairment of a body function, a misdemeanor.

Spencer didn't return to full duty until December, 2011