Cell Phones Carry the Flu Virus

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We text. We call. We tweet. Many of us are constantly on our phones and tablets. We sit on them. We pass them to a friend to show them something or let them make a call. But we are sharing more than information. We are sharing our germs. The state of Michigan now has over 400 confirmed cases of the flu, and though the numbers are beginning to go down in other states the number of cases in Michigan is still increasing.

"When we cough into our hands or cough and sneeze into our hands... That's how we get the virus on our hands, and it can be transmitted to other through those commonly touched surfaces that we just don't think about on a day to day basis," said Angela Minicuci of the Michigan Department of Community Health.

The best way to clean your phone is to take one of the alcohol swabs, ring it out, and wipe your phone down. Your phone should be germ free for a couple of hours. Air sprays can also be used to clean debris from your phone's keyboard.

"Another thing I would recommend is to use a hands free device, so if you're using a hands free you're touching your phone a little bit less and you're less likely to spread germs," said Blake Richards of Verizon Wireless.

Don't forget about your other frequently used devices like game controllers, remotes and GPS systems. And of course, wash your hands. Clean hands mean a clean phone, and that may make all the difference this flu season.