Ella Sharp Opens "Cell Block 7" Prison Museum

Jackson Most of us hope we never see inside a State Prison. The Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson is hoping we change our minds about that. They are set to open 'Cell Block 7' this Saturday, the first-of-its-kind prison museum that is operated in a working state prison.

The Museum is dedicated to the history and process of the MDOC at a unique site located within an active working prison system. It is an active representation of current life as an incarcerated inmate, at what was once the largest walled-prison in the world. Visitors will get an overview of operations and exhibits followed by a self -guided tour, exploring all areas of the cell block. The museum will also feature a gift shop and art gallery.

The last time Cell Block 7 housed prisoners was 2007. The Ella Sharp Museum signed a five year lease with the Michigan Dept of Corrections to use the space and independently operate the Museum. Because the museum is located in the State Prison of Southern Michigan, no cell phones are allowed inside, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed in with out a guardian, and everyone will be required to sign a release form.

Cell Block 7 is located at 3455 Cooper Street Jackson Michigan.

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