Car Trouble: Whole Lotta Shaking Going On

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It's the great American winter pastime-- kicking the snow and ice and slush out of your wheel wells.

But sometimes you can't just kick and scrape it all away and that leads to lots of phone calls to local service shops.

"Especially if we're having a warm-up like we're having (Friday)," says Tom Hernly who manages the Shaheen Chevrolet Service Center.

"What we see is, typically, the ice will build up in the wheels or the moisture from driving through the snow," Hernly explains. "It freezes overnight, then it basically makes your wheel and entire assembly completely out of balance."

Dealerships like Shaheen can get you thawed out in about a half hour.

"There's no fix other than letting the ice melt," says Hernly.

If you don't have access to a heated garage or the shop, your next best option is the car wash.

"They come in, the car's shimmying and shaking," says John Sigourney, manager of Fast Eddie's Car Wash in Lansing. "What we do is spray off the tires real good for them make sure we get all the snow out of the tires, the wheel well, (and) underneath the vehicle."

"It's a little easier today, (because the) snow's just falling off rather than being icy."

The best piece of advice is to try and not spin your tires so much in that slushy snow-- or just keep on doing kicking the tires until Spring is finally here to stay.

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