CRIME WATCH: Car Parts Stolen From Vehicles

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A warning for people who park in those highway car pool lots---

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says catalytic converters were cut off of three vehicles parked at the Berry Road lot in Rives Junction Thursday.

The parts contain precious metals, like platinum, making them very attractive to thieves.

Police say vans and 4x4 vehicles are especially susceptible because they're easy to crawl under.

Here's a few suggestions to help prevent your catalytic converter from being stolen:

*Catalytic converters can be uniquely marked in acid with a serial number.
*Drivers are advised to keep their cars in garages or park in well-lit areas.
*Most converters are bolted on - but they can be welded, which makes them harder to remove.
*Fleet owners are advised to obstruct access to high vehicles by parking cars with lower ground clearance round them.

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