Car Chase Caught on Police Dash Cam

After leading police on a car chase through Clinton County and into Lansing, Anthony Semane Blackman has been arraigned.

The Michigan State Police have charged him with probation violation, fleeing and alluding 2nd degree and driving with a suspended driver's license for the second time.

Clinton County Police originally tried to stop the 47-year-old Lansing man at Grand River and Waverly Road for an improper plate violation. When he failed to pull over, the chase began.

Eventually, the State Police had to join the pursuit. But, by that time, it had become much more dangerous.

First Lieutenant Joseph Thomas of the Michigan State Police explained, "At the point that we became involved, the pursuit had been going on approximately eight to ten minutes, and our concern was the fact that it was now moving into small, densely populated, neighborhood type areas, and it was four o'clock in the afternoon."

The Michigan State Police are trained to conduct the PIT or Precision Immobilization Technique maneuver in these situations.

"It's designed to spin a car out of control, to immobilize that vehicle from driving further," said Lieutenant Thomas.

The PIT maneuver has to be done below 35 miles per hour. It didn't work the first time, but it was eventually successful.

While pointing to the dash cam footage, Lieutenant Thomas explained, "And here's the second attempt where the subject spins out and ends up crashing into a tree. He jumps out of the vehicle and starts to run on foot."

Two State Troopers and one Clinton County Sheriff's Deputy ran after Blackman and caught him about mid-block at Prospect Street near Homles Road.