Capital Area Humane Society Offers Pit Bull Adoption Program

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The Capital Area Humane Society picked Valentine's Day week to raise awareness about pit bulls. They say these dogs, like any other breed, need homes and families to love.

Their program "love-a-bull. hug-a-bull, kiss-a-bull" is going on this week. The goal is to to highlight the true personality of these dogs. Currently, the shelter has a large number of pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

The Humane Society is offering 50% off the adoption fee, and adoptions include a health care package for the dog. You have until tomorrow to take advantage of this offer.

Jenny, a veterinarian tech at the Humane Society has owned her pit bull Impy for a few years now, and she says the dog has brought her and her family great joy. Stephanie, who also works at the humane society, fostered her dog Riley but fell in love, so she kept her.

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