Cancer Patients Get Beauty Boost

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There’s an old saying, “You look good, you feel good.” Some patients in Clinton County are finding out it really makes a difference when you’re recovering from cancer.
They gathered Monday afternoon at Sparrow’s Clinton Hospital, for the “Look Good, Feel Better” program. It’s sort of like a make-up party, but is more about a celebration of life. Volunteer Carol Walker leads the program. She’s also a cancer survivor. “During the treatment time, they lose their eyebrows, they lose their hair, they lose their eyelashes, their skin changes, and this really helps to develop looking good and feeling better."

The American Cancer Society and cosmetic companies donate the products. The Auxiliary Group at Sparrow’s Clinton Hospital donates the wigs. Walker says, "It does help them to lift their spirits and helps create a camaraderie between the patients themselves and they help lift each other up."

Conversation between total strangers brings smiles, and commonalities. They share their symptoms from chemotherapy and radiation, and find comfort knowing they aren’t alone. Denise Clark of St. Johns is fighting cancer for the second time. “The first time I didn't lose my hair, so this is new for me to always be walking around with a hat. I came here because I want to try on a wig and see what that it would look like to look in the mirror and not see, right now I see, I look like my dad. I want to look like I used to look."

The American Cancer Society provides a make-up kit worth about $700. It includes everything from moisturizer, to nail polish. Clark and others who participated in the workshop, learned how to apply the make-up, and tried on wigs. Clark says, “It was wonderful to have her show you how to put make up on and get to play around with all the stuff. I just felt real good."

Classes meet at the Sparrow Clinton Hospital Volunteer Workroom on the third floor. They're set for today, April 14, June 9, August 11, October 13, and December 8. Each patient receives a free cosmetics kit for their personal use during and after the workshop.

Participants are asked to register one week prior to the class date, so individual kits can be ordered in advance. For more information or to register, call Jackie at 989.227.3334.