Campaigns Heating Up

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Governor Rick Snyder is getting a jump start on his campaign.

In his newest ad released Tuesday, he says Michigan is on the road to recovery.

But that road may be too long for some voters.

"That ad that just came out shows that Governor Snyder is on the defensive," said political analyst Susan Demas, from Inside Michigan Politics.

Demas says Tuesday's ad may hurt Snyder over the next two months because it doesn't promise anything specific.

The governor ran a mainly positive campaign in 2010, but with recent polls showing his opponent Mark Schauer in the lead, some analysts say the governor may have to change his tune this time around to win the election.

Demas doesn't think Snyder's positive action campaign will work through November.

She says Snyder won't turn to negative ads easily, but there's no question other political groups will.

"The Republican governor's association and a number of outside conservative groups aren't afraid to go negative," Demas said.

And those ads aren't going away.

Analyst Ken Sikkema says negative ads are all we're going to see on the air over the next few months.

"Everybody says they don't like negative ads," Sikkema said. "But the fact of the matter is they obviously work because candidates and campaigns and independent committees wouldn't be spending the kind of money they spend on negative ads if they didn't have an impact."

But those negative ads may be the ticket to a win come November.
See his newest ad here: