Campaign Running Behind Because of I-96 Shootings

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It's the final day before elections and crunch time for candidates, but the string of shootings, some on I-96, is keeping the Romney campaign off the freeway and behind schedule. A spokesperson says they feel a large marked bus could be a target, so they're taking other routes and not taking chances.

It's an on-going investigation that's also on the mind of Gov. Rick Snyder, who takes the route almost daily.

"I appreciate how people feel, it's not a good feeling and it's something we want to get resolved as quickly as possible," said Gov. Snyder.

While the campaign is taking extra security measures, people living in communities near the shootings are also on edge.

Alicia Sylveister is a mother of three and says she's hesitant about letting her kids play outside.

"We kind of try to keep them in because you never know when somebody's going to come by. We live right off Grand River, I mean it's a main road, you never know," said Sylveister.

While she says she's also avoiding driving on I-96 because of the shootings, others say they're on alert but not changing their daily routine.

"I just keep my eyes out and to me that's all you can do because it's so random," said Fowlerville resident Linda Presley.

Meanwhile, authorities are still searching for clues that'll lead them to a suspect.

"We've been on this for some time and we're going to stay on it until we have the situation resolved," Gov. Snyder said.

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