Cameras, Message Boards Coming to US 127

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The Michigan Department of Transportation is installing a dozen or so cameras and message boards along US 127, part of its expansion of the intelligent transportation system.

The new tech will let drivers know about accidents and delays. MDOT spokeswoman Kari Arend says it will lead to better-informed decisions for drivers in real time.

The cameras and message boards will be placed "strategically," Arend said, at major interchanges, for example.

Michigan State Police Trooper Marco Jones says the signs will make his life easier too.

"It just helps things go a lot smoother overall," he said. "And any time you can get traffic flowing smoothly and you can take some of the congestion away, that definitely makes our job easier."

Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids and other parts of Michigan are already equipped with the technology, Arend said.

The multi-million dollar project will be federally funded, Arend said. It will take a year to install all the pieces. A testing phase will follow before the cameras and boards go live.

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