Cadillac Electric Coupe Revealed; First Luxury Green Vehicle For GM

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DETROIT (WILX)-- What is green, luxurious, and was revealed to the world Tuesday morning? The new electric coupe for Cadillac called the ELR.

The vehicle has all the bells and whistles you can imagine, and it's also good for the environment.

They took the luxury of Cadillac and mixed it with the efficiency of an electric car, making it a first of it's kind.

"It's unique, and there is nothing else like it. It's the first electric vehicle from a full luxury manufacturer," said Cadillac Vice President of Marketing Don Butler.

It wouldn't be a GM product if it didn't have the latest technology. The ELR can go extended distances on its electricity alone.

"You can drive up to 35 miles emissions free, gas free, on all electric driving, but then you don't have range anxiety. If you run out of charge there's a backup gasoline generator," said Butler.

Being electric isn't the only cool new feature it has, the ELR is equipped with brakes behind the steering wheel so you never have to take your foot off the accelerator.

"For those who are familiar with race car driving, tap up and tap down heel toe. This is sorta an electric version of that," explained Butler.

The Cadillac ELR is using the exact same technology as the Chevy Volt but the big difference is the body itself.

"It is bold, provocative, and quite simply a great expression on the road for Cadillac," said Butler. "The kick off for the North American auto show could not have gone any better for us. ATS car of the year and then the ELR introducing it to the world today it's a fantastic time for the cadillac to continue and expand the brand."

Production for the ELR will start later this year in Detroit. It is expected to hit showrooms early next year.

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