Cadaver Dogs Help In Cold Case Search For Missing Okemos Woman

Specially trained dogs were brought in to look for signs of Paige Renkoski in Eaton County, west of Lansing.
Cadaver dogs, lead their handlers and cold case investigators thru thick brush off of Interstate 96 in Delta Township, looking for any possible tips that would solve the mystery of what happened to 30 year old Paige Renkoski.
Members of the Michigan Search and Rescue Team volunteered their canines for this cold case.
But why search here, after all Paige Renkoski's still running abandoned vehicle was found 30 miles to the east on I-96, near the Fowlerville exit.
A new tip,, and the timing were key.
On May 25th 1990, a day after Paige went missing a frequent traveler of I-96 noticed vehicle tracks going off the road,, a strange coincidence that has bugged him for 21 years, cold case investigators thought it was worth a look.
Cold case team leader Mike Frayer wasn't put off by the location of this search, as much as the length of time that has passed for these dogs to sniff out a clue.
After three and a half hours,, the cadaver dogs didn't hit on anything of significance.
Next week the cold case team,, will once again employee the service of those dogs to search three areas north of Fowlerville,, in response to other tips they've recieved.