C-Section Risks

Rayen Luna Solar, 27, 33-week pregnant, is seen by a midwife in a routine checkup, in Santiago, on July 13, 2012. In Chile 38 percent of the births are carried out by caesarean section --with up to 60 percent in private hospitals-- the third highest rate in Latin America, following Brazil and Mexico, and is the country's most frequent surgery. AFP PHOTO/Claudio Santana (Photo credit should read CLAUDIO SANTANA/AFP/GettyImages)
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The results of a new study say that after a c-section,, moms may have increased risk for stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy the next time around.
The study looked at the pregnancy outcomes of more than eight hundred thousand women in Denmark.
They found those who had a c-section were slightly more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy or stillbirth the next time they got pregnant.
There is some good news,,, researchers say the overall risk for these events is still very low.
The risk for miscarriage did not go up after a c-section.

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